Product Information:
Price: $13.90 USD
Title: 2*New Rechargeable 9V 280mAh NiMH Battery+Extreme AA/AAA/9V Charger

NiMH AA/AAA/9V Battery Charger
2 9V 280mAh
Total: 2 Brand New 9V Rechargeable Batteries

1 order = 1 Charger + 2 * 9V batteries

Digimax 280mah 9V batteries
NiMH AA/AAA/9V Battery Charger
800mAH Ni-MH AAA: 7.6 Hours
2000mAH AA: 12 Hours
250mah 9V NiMH: 10 Hours
110V-240V Worldwide voltage
(US Blade Type Adapter)

I have 3000mah or higher batteries, can your charger fully charge my batteries ?
A: In normal daily use, when your batteries run out of power, it still have about 1V voltage, so it is not totally empty and our charger should have no problem fully charge your batteries in 1 cycle. In extreme case, when your battery is totally dead (0.00 Voltage), which will be rejected by most of advanced IC chargers, our EXTREME EX200S can rescue these dead batteries and fully charge them in no more than 2 cycles (95% in 1 cycle).
Q: Does your charger have trickle charge ?
A: No. Our charger are newly designed for NiMH batteries, not Ni-Cad. NiMH battery, unlike Ni-Cad, does not work well with charger that has tickle charge. If you see a charger with trickle charge feature, it is most likely just an updated retail box with the old design from the Ni-Cad era. To NiMH batteries, trickle charge means overcharge which shortens your battery's life, if you put them in trickle charge for over 24 hours.

About the Rapid Charger:

  • Charge 2 or 4 AA or AAA or 9V Ni-MH or Ni-CD batteries (does not charge 1 or 3 batteries)
  • High Quality charger guarantees full-charge cycle for Rechargeable batteries used in Digital Camera
  • Safe Timer Protection: Auto Power off after 20 hours of charging
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Input: 110V/240V @ 50/60Hz AC, 50/60/Hz, Wattage: 5W
  • CE Listed
  • For indoor/dry location use ONLY
  • Output current: AA/AAA:300ma to 200ma, 9V: 25ma
  • Dimension: approx. 5" x 3 1/2" x 2 1/2"

DO NOT charge Alkaline rechargeable batteries with this charger,
you will damage your Alkaline batteries or even cause explosion.
This charger is for Ni-MH or Ni-CD batteries ONLY.

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About the batteries:

2 9V-type 280mAh batteries
**** Works Great with Rapid Chargers ****

  • Ni-Mh Chemistry generates DC output at standard voltage
  • 9V-Block Type
  • High capacity: 280mAh 9V-type Batteries
  • Consumer tip ensures they will fit perfectly in all your 9V applications.

Great for use in the following gadgets:

  • Remote controller for your garage door opener
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Alarm Clock
  • and much much more!

You could save hundreds of dollars by
simply replacing your standard 9V batteries with these
High Power Whopping 280 mAh NiMH Batteries
Comparing to many Duracell and Energizer that you can find in the stores,
DigiMax 280mAh gives you

30% more power at lower price !!!
Directly import from factory !!!
Buy and SAVE !!!

  • 280mAh capacity gives your toys a super long run time!

  • Designed to produce faster recycle times and good for Rapid Chargers

  • Last up to twice as long as other rechargeable batteries.

  • Can be recharged for up to 1000 times !

  • Ni-MH battery is Memory free, and that means guaranteed 280 MAH power !!!

  • Replace standard 9V size batteries

Product Information:
Price: $13.90 USD
Title: 2*New Rechargeable 9V 280mAh NiMH Battery+Extreme AA/AAA/9V Charger