Product Information:
Price: $49.99 USD
Title: Roxim RS3-Black LED Bicycle Light+Releasable Bracket

Impressive Innovation
Real Bike LED Lights for Riders
For Your Safety
Roxim RS3 (Black)

Roxim products introduction

Water Resistance Test

All Products are Brand new
Many LED bike lights on eBay claim to have very high lumens, because their lights are direct LED projected to the ground. And since LED light are very directional, the projected area are very small, hence the high lumen numbers. With the direct-LED designs, it would miss lighting up the most important area, which is 0 - 10 feet right in front of you. And, you won't be able to see if your bike is about to hit a rock or a deep hole. Roxim LED bike lights have the BEST DESIGN that produces a very consistent coverage !

Maximum Output: Max. 35 Lux
(Roxim products was designed for German market, so the mfg. did not design the light to produce a high, but less-meaningful Lumen numbers. German market requires good LUX numbers, because the Lux measures the total lighting power that reflects back to you. Lumen measures just the output, which is easy to achieve a high number, yet would be very useless for you, if the projected area is very small or uneven)

160 degree Close-distance output

Great Side Visibility

High efficient optical and electronic design: Max. 7 hours runtime

Very Small & Light Weight:

120 grams (with batteries)

German StVZO certified: K-729

Wide Angle Light Distribution: Lights up for Ahead as well as Corners

O'Fit Bracket for Quick & Easy Installation on Various Handle Bar Sizes

  • Provide a bright road from 1M to 30M+ far and 4M ~ 5M wide

  • Increase side visibility: corner lighting assistance

  • Safety: comply to German StVZO regulation

Glare-free design: prevent glare to against traffic

Constant brightness: constant current design

lower power indication: automatically switch to lower brightness to extend run-time

  • Comfort:

Easy to use : O FIT bracket (one for all), quick mounting/dismounting, integrated rubber-pad

  • Compact: Very small, light weight (Less~1/2 weight compare to competitions)

  • Streamline shape: sport car shape

  • Reliability:

Anti-vibration: solid mechanical & electronic design (tested from 3G/12Hz to 8G/2Hz)

Rain resistance: water flow and holes for heavy rain, and air hole for foggy weather

Not over drive LED: proper power consumption (1.5W to 2W on 3W LED) and heat dispassion to prevent LED decadence

Design for Safety: Cut-offline & Close-distance lighting

Competitive Analysis

You can see how other "no-design" LED lights miss the 0-10 foot area in the road test above and below:

Comparing to many Germany products that you can find in the market,
Roxim RS3 gives you

more power at lower price !!!
Direct import from factory !!!
Buy and SAVE !!!

(Please watch the film for some operational tips.)
The Ranger model in the film is not street legal for US market, because it has red/blue flashing LEDs that are for police use only.
** We don't carry Roxim Ranger **

  • Color: Black

  • Weight: Light (68g), Bracket: 20g; Light +batteries: 120 g

  • Size: W: 46mm, H:36mm, L:110mm

  • Made in Taiwan for German market

  • Batteries: 2*AA (Battery not included / Mfg. Recommends using NiMH type batteries):

  • Illumination Modes:
    Modes Extreme Power ECO
    Brightness 35 Lux 23 Lux 12 Lux
    Run Time 2.5 Hours 3.5 Hours 7 Hours

  • ** Lux measures lights reflected back to you. Lumens measures the light output (regardless what was reflected back)

  • Illumination Bandwidth: Distance - 30 m+ ; Width: 4~5m

  • Corner Lighting Assistance: Yes, initial 160 degree

  • Battery Check: Yes

  • German StVZO Certified: Yes, K279

  • Accessories included: MB-11 O'Fit Bracket: fits on diameter 22~35mm handlebars

Product Information:
Price: $49.99 USD
Title: Roxim RS3-Black LED Bicycle Light+Releasable Bracket