Product Information:
Price: $94.99 USD
Title: 1GB Wireless Digital Voice/Phone Recorder+MP3 Player (with wireless mic)

Brand New with 1 year warranty
Digital Wireless Voice Recorder
New 1GB Model
136 hours wireless recording
with FM radio recorder/receiver
your favorite radio stations)
MP3 playback
(Store More than 250 songs for 15 ~ 20 hours of listening)
and USB/Pen drive (1GB disk space)

  • CD recording quality at 44K/sec Sampling Rate
  • 4 Way to record
    • Wireless Recording (microphone included)
    • Built-in Microphone
    • External Microphone
    • FM Radio: Record your favorite programs (Schedulable)
  • Maximum 136 total recording hours
  • Voice Operated Recording (3 different settings for sensitivity)
  • Backward buffer up to 60 seconds: to save conversation that you missed !! (click for explanation)
  • Date/Time-Stamp recording (Scheduled recording)
  • Schedule FM recording and listen to your favorite radio program at later time. Never miss a show and skip unwanted commercials !!
  • Schedules reminder (rings at the preset date/time or reminds yourself with your own recording or with MP3 music)
  • Download recordings to PC through USB
  • Telephone conversation recording (kits included)
  • 9 ~ 10 hours earphone playback
  • 4 ~ 5 hours playback (built-in speaker)
  • 9 ~ 10 hours recording time with 1 battery
  • Random access to any message
  • Message Lock: Protect important recording.

MP3/Music Playback:

  • Play MP3 Music (250-300 songs)
  • .mp3 and .wma compatible
  • Download MP3 song from your PC
  • 20 memory for FM Radio station
  • 3~5 hours playback (speaker/earphone)
  • USB 2.0 for maximum download speed !!

USB Drive:

  • 1GB disk space
  • Download any files between your PC
  • Memory space indicator

Very Nice Glassy/metallic face plate

The First digital voice recorder in the industry with mini Wireless microphone which allows you to record messages, and listen to the report or lecturer up to a distance of 75ft (25 meters).

The recorder is also designed with an FM radio for your listening pleasure AND is also able to record your favorite program from the station. Important message lock feature prevents losing important messages by accident. Choice of acoustic box or ear set to listen to playback. Voice operated function for power save, rechargeable battery and AC adapter for continuous uninterrupted recording. For record and playback of crystal clear sound quality and the superior features, DENPA is your perfect choice!

USB interface for Fast downloading
Works as Pen Drive or Portable Hard drive
No Driver Needed for Windows 2000/XP

Other features:

  • Date/Time backup: No clock reset for changing batteries.
  • Wireless microphone signal quality indicator
  • Non-stop recording with AC adapter
  • 2 batteries included (See our auctions for rechargeable battery and charger)
  • Made in Taiwan

Digital tuning FM Radio
87MHz~107MHz digital tuning (Japanese FM radio band is also available)

Backward Buffering: See the following example how this feature works:

Your recording will include the important message in the second second because of Backward Trace Buffer. Without backward trace buffer (up to 60 seconds), you will lose the valuable message. Backward Buffer can help you record conversation that has been said and catch important message that would have been lost.

Voice Operated Recording (VOR) activates the recorder only when the sound is present, conserving the space and eliminating soundless pauses during playback. HI/MD/LO voice signal sensitivity enables the unit to record different situations more effectively, from group meetings
to individual interviews.

Erase One or All Message feature offers the ability to erase a single message, all recordings in a file, or all files.

Scan Playback helps retrieve every recording with first-5-second playback to each message.

Built-in flash Memory stores message on a random access memory circuit for instant manipulation and retrieval. Full Function LCD Display provides a highly visible display of all record/playback with accuracy.

Hold Function prevents accidental operation while carrying-around.

Voice folder for voice recording/playback.

to pc via USB port. No driver needed for Windows 2000/XP

Important Message feature offers the ability for priority message save/retrieval. This also helps draw your special attention to important message from being deleted by error

Accessories included:

Batteries for
voice recorder


and Clip


USB cable

AC Adapter
(not included)



Dimension LxWxH: 4"x1.2"x0.67" (inch)
Recording Time 136 hours (1GB) @ .wav format
Playback Support MP3 (*.mp3) and WMA (*.wav)
Weight Approx. 38g (without battery)
External Power DC 5V/300mA
Battery Lifetime
(Alkaline battery)
Voice Recording: 10 hours
Speaker playback in max. volume: 5 hours
Earphone playback in max. volume: 10 hours
FM Radio frequency FM 87MHz ~ 108MHz
Memory Built in 1024 MB flash memory
Number of folders MP3 folder (root)
Voice Recording folders
PC data can be stored in any folders
PC interface USB 2.0
Maximum output 300mW at THD 10% 8 Omh
Sound sources Built in microphone (mono) & External microphone input
Earphone Earphone (Mini Plug/Stereo) IMP over 16 ohms
Speaker dynamic 20mm, 8omh

Voice Encoder/Decoder

  • Q1: 4Kbit/sec (136Hours recording time)
  • Q2: 8Kbit/sec (64 Hours recording time)
  • Q3: 11Kbit/sec (50 Hours)
  • Q4: 22Kbit/sec (25 Hours)
  • Q5: 44Kbit/sec (12 Hours)

Operating Temperature

36 o F ~ 105oF


  • User's Manual
  • HiVoice Manager software
  • Earphone,
  • External microphone,
  • Telephone adapter,
  • Telephone cord,
  • Telephone connecting cable,
  • USB cable,
  • Hand Strap
  • Wireless microphone
  • Optional AC adapter

Product Information:
Price: $94.99 USD
Title: 1GB Wireless Digital Voice/Phone Recorder+MP3 Player (with wireless mic)